Petar Mazev Biography - Gallery

Petar Mazev, academic painter, founder of the modern and avantgarde art in Macedonia. Born in 1927 in the town of Kavadarci. He graduated from the Academy of Painting Arts in Belgrade. Professor at the Architecture Faculty in Skopje, teaching arts. He exhibited at many exhibitions in the country and abroad: Dijon, Rome, Torino, Nuernberg, Stutgart, Berlin. He also worked on mosaics and ceramic art. The expressionism was a subject of constant internal presence in the painting art of Mazev. His art was always welcomed as an artistic phenomenon fertile of convincing artistic values. He created a number of monumental compositions (at the Steal Mills in Skopje, Stopanska Bank, The Ilinden and People’s Liberation Monument in Krusevo, the Skeleton Memorial in Veles etc.). He won the “11 October” and “13 November” rewards, as well as other rewards at the DLUM exhibitions. He died in 1991 in Skopje.